Welcome to Salem Dance Club!


Next Dance Night is 5/25/13 at LDS BRUSH HILLS Building, located at 1850 Brush College Road N.W., Salem, Oregon  97304.

Free Ballroom Dance Lessons

The dance is open to everyone older than 14, married or single.
When:         Friday Nights 6 - 8:30 PM
Regular Meeting place: 
3154 Eola DriveNW, Salem, OR 
(Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
Instructors:     Rish & Miki Reinen
Contact: (503) 798-0927   or   sirrish@msn.com
Swing (2 Step) Swing (2 Step)b
Swing with Cross Body Trun Swing with Under Arm Trun
Swing - Tuck Turn (a) Swing - Tuck Turn (b)
Swing - Tuck Turn (c)  
Swing - Twin Cities Swing - Twin Cities with Under Arm Turn
Swing (3 step)  
Swing Cuddle Swing Cuddle(footwork)
Swing Cuddle(more footwork)
Waltz Turn  
Sweetheart Waltz Part 1 (Footwork) Sweetheart Waltz Part 1 (More Footwork)
Sweetheart Waltz Part 2  
Waltz Flare with counter clock wise turn
Horseshoe - Footwork Horseshoe - with Hands
Traveling Cha Cha